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1964 Splitscreen VW

We project managed the chassis and bodywork restoration of this lovely 1964 ‘splitty’ that the young owner had bought on the internet and imported from Australia, to say

it was looking a little sorry for itself was an understatement take a look at the pictures

of when it arrived!

Every outrigger needed a complete or partial replacement with only the two main central chassis rails, which run front to back, remaining in tacked and not requiring repair. Body wise pretty much the whole of the vehicle from the floor pan 3 – 6

inches upwards was rotten as was every window frame bottom with both the front and rear floors requiring complete replacement – it was a BIG job but we had it covered!

Although many of the body repair panels and parts where available there was still a great deal of novel fabrication to be completed in order to get the originality of the body work right. The chassis was a similar story with aftermarket pattern outriggers being available but requiring considerable fabrication skill to get right.

Although the owner wanted to keep the body work as original as possible the engine, transmission suspension and braking systems received a major overhaul with more modern contemporary equipment being used. This required a fair amount of removal and replacement of chassis components, such as the removal of the old rear reduction boxes and associated metal work to be replaced with new rear chassis legs to house the bigger engine and gear box and independent suspension. At the front better suspension was to be fitted as well as disc brakes replacing the old drums.

This work was completed over nearly a year at premises provided by the customer with the customer providing a lot of support with laboring. All together it required in excess of five hundred welding and fabrication man hours before it was ready to go to the body specialists to be sprayed and then completed to a very high standard as can be seen in the show ground pictures.

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